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We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our phones, chronicling our every move through social media and shielding ourselves from the outside world with the bubble of “silence” that our earphones create. The National Day of Unplugging is a 24 hour period – running from sundown to sundown – and starts on the first Friday in March.

Take the pledge and receive a free cell phone sleeping bag in the mail for whenever you feel like unplugging!
Free cell phone sleeping bags are U.S. delivery only while supplies last. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.
The NDU Cell Phone Sleeping Bag is designed by San Francisco-based conceptual artist Jessica Tully and made from hemp material and soy-based ink.

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I pledge to unplug during the National Day of Unplugging on March 9-10, 2018. I understand that the important first step is to unplug for as long as I can, even if it is not the full day.

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